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About Us

Havoc Boxing has quickly become the world’s trusted source for boxing trunks and uniforms, what started a decade ago as a personal mission by Creator Andre Rozier to design and sell custom boxing gear has come to fruition with the help of  Rob Diaz and CFO Randall Ramirez, Havoc Boxing has earned a reputation for their stylish and high-quality ring attire supported by amateurs, Professionals and world champions everywhere, Havoc has started a clothing line and accessories with exceptional performance to meet the needs of an ever-increasing number of athletes and fans around the world.

Proud to be supported by Professionals, Champions and ex-world Champions like, Danny “Swift” Garcia, Pauly “Magic Man” Maliggnagi and Danny “Miracle Man” Jacobs, just to name a few motivates Havoc to gain the support from the fans of all fighters and Athletes. “We prides ourselves in pushing the envelope further and making the brand accessible to the Amateurs looking to make gains at the gym, the US Marine Corp boxing program, The Golden Gloves, The Jr Olympics, The Ringside, Silver gloves, and Metro tournaments. Our gear is made to be worn by athletes who like to look good while working hard and taking their craft to another level.” Says  Rob Diaz.

Havoc Boxing is a brand for the Sports world and maintains the highest standards of quality and integrity in our Products.Thank You for supporting Havoc Boxing and remember “Champions Wear Havoc”

Best Regards,

Rob Diaz